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19 Dec

Turner looks to future after signing pro contract

Phoebe Turner, 19, a former student at our award-winning Yorkshire Cricket College, signed her maiden pro-cricketing contract with the Northern Diamonds last month following on from what has been a glorious year for the youngster, culminating in a thrilling final at Lord’s for the Diamonds, who triumphantly took home the Rachel Heyhoe Flint Trophy after victory over Southern Vipers.

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To celebrate Phoebe’s achievements we caught up with the dynamic batter to find out about how a professional contract has changed her life and what aims she has for the future in cricket.

From left, Grace Hall, Phoebe Turner & Jess Woolston, former Yorkshire Cricket College students who were part of the who are part of the winning Northern Diamonds squad.

How did it feel signing your first professional contract?

I was absolutely delighted. For me it wasn’t something I was expecting because I know with the season that I had had, I personally felt I could have done a bit better. So for me being given this has really given me the drive to really focus on my game.

It’s always been a dream to sign a professional contract. When I was younger the dream was playing for England but now with the funding that has gone into the women’s game, it’s exceptional to see how many women players are now receiving contracts in regional teams.

Before signing this contract my life was very different – I had to juggle a work/cricket life balance as I was working in a school. This caused me to miss out on some training sessions and opportunities because I wasn’t able to make them in time.

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But now with this incredible contract it means my work/life balance is a lot more manageable and I have a real drive to keep improving and be the best I can be.

What did it feel like to win the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy?

The whole Lord’s experience was a dream and something I wasn’t expecting to do at 19. It was even better to get the win as well.

It was such a thriller and throughout the game I always thought we could win it. Everyone in the team had that grit and determination to win and everyone played a part. What was incredible was on the pitch you could feel that you had the backing from all of the team 100 per cent.

Northern Diamonds lift the Rachel Heyhoe Flint Trophy at Lord’s after a thrilling after victory over Southern Vipers.

How did your time with the Yorkshire Cricket College help you in your career so far?

For me the best bit about the college was the cricket and the fact that we had a number of different expert coaches helping you during set training. It was great because then you get feedback about different aspects of your game that massively help you improve which has really helped me on my journey and improving in the game.

You also have the option to link assignments on the Sport course to your interests. With mine being in cricket, I was able to look more into the mental side of the game – that plays a huge part in the developing your mind and mindset – key factors that can also help you in game situations.

VIDEO: New gym at Headingley for college students

Also the facilities at Headingley are brilliant – we were training and playing in the exact same facilities that the Diamonds do. This was really inspiring and you have progression right there.

When I joined there was myself, Jess (Jessica Woolston) and Grace (Grace Hall), who were the first girls to attend and complete the two years at college. Hopefully since then we have managed to inspire more girls to want to apply for the college and get in to the college and hopefully some can be a part of the Daimonds in the future.

I try and catch-up with college and conversations I’ve had with women who have been to the college or are at the college now they are really enjoying it which is great to hear.

Pictured, from left: a Yorkshire Cricket College student, alongside Will Saville Managing Director of YCF, Darren Gough, Managing Director, YCCC, Nick Robinson, Head of Yorkshire Cricket College, Gary Tissiman, Head of Business at Volkswagen, Leeds, alongside Phoebe Turner, Northern Diamonds cricketer, Peter Whiteley, president of Yorkshire CCC Players’ Association, and a Yorkshire Cricket College student at the opening of the new college gym at Headingley this month.

What are your goals for the future?

This season I’m really looking forward to being a full-time cricketer. I really want to focus in on my game and now I have the drive to really make it and be the best I can be.

My main focus is continuing to play well with the Diamonds and take my play to the next level after getting the professional contract with them.

For the future I’d like to be a part of the Hundred, and having an England contract – that would be the ultimate dream for me. But I know I need to put the hard work in, really focus on my game and I make the most of each and every session that I have.

Also hopefully I can inspire some girls to take up the game and do what I’m doing now. There are so many ways women can get into cricket – all stars, dynamos and then there are MCC hubs.

For me when I was younger we didn’t really have that – it was kind of joining a team with the boys and starting the hard work from there. Now it’s great because there are lots of girl cricket clubs around Yorkshire and the different regions. I think that’s great for the development of the women’s game and hopefully it will continue to grow and grow.

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